Gemma Gordon-Duff on Interior Design:

I love the response generated by well-designed interiors. Good design has the power to enhance day to day living, invoke positivity and even to unite people. These are the three fundamentals I always strive for in every interior I create.

The age-old mantra ‘we are greater than the sum of our parts’ is particularly true in the Studio. Team GD&L runs with a constant hum. The exchange of ideas leads to more informed designs and a happier environment. We find inspiration in the everyday and each other – something I hope that will never change.

Looking at all the beautiful finished interior photos, it’s easy to forget the hundreds of tiny steps it takes to put these spaces together. The initial concept needs to be strong enough to carry the client through all the months, sometimes years of the build.

It’s crucial for me and my team to spend time thrashing ideas around, scribbling, sketching (and probably a fair amount of squabbling!) before we settle on a way forward.

The creative process may not be tidy but it’s wonderful and it’s something that can never be replicated by computers. I’ve been designing for over 15 years and I still get a thrill when I visit a new site and imagine all the possibilities with the team.

I’m often asked which interior spaces I like to design most. And genuinely, it’s a tough one to answer. Commercial spaces and show apartments give you a chance to go all-out.

Private clients require a very personal response which means really paying attention to their needs. Given enough time and attention, these often produce the most individual and wonderful results though.


We actively drive the design process forward and understand the importance of working as part of a team. Our large portfolio includes private residential properties, development schemes, luxury offices and commercial spaces, both at home and abroad.

Services we Provide:
Space Planning
CAD Drawings
3-D Visualisation
Feasibility Studies
Project Co-Ordination
Budget Management
Bathroom & Kitchen Design
Bespoke Joinery & Furniture Design
Specification Packages for Tender & Construction
Finished Specification
Lighting Design
M&E Intergration
Co-Ordination with Branding and Agents
Furniture, Accessories & Styling
Full Turnkey Service

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